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Scott at Agrinovus Indiana Podcast

Croft CEO Speaks at University Industry Consortium Conference

Scott Prince spoke at UIC Conference on critical issue of labor shortages in ag industry & discussed Croft's solutions.
Scott at Agrinovus Indiana Podcast

Croft Featured on Agrinovus Indiana

Discover Croft's journey in tackling farm labor shortages with tech solutions in this episode of Agrinovus Indiana - dive into the future of agtech.
Scott at Agrinovus Indiana Podcast

Overcoming Labor Shortages in Agriculture: Insights from the Global Food Forum

Explore how Croft's platform tackles the increasingly common challenge of labor shortages in agriculture by streamlining the H-2A process.
Scott at Agrinovus Indiana Podcast

IBJ Spotlights Croft Technology

Discover how Croft Technology's groundbreaking work in simplifying H-2A visas for agricultural workers is featured in IBJ's Innovation Issue.
Scott at Agrinovus Indiana Podcast

Enhancing Agribusiness Excellence: Aligning with the APMA

Discover Croft's groundbreaking advancements in streamlined labor management for agribusiness. Enhancing productivity and profitability in farming.
Scott at Agrinovus Indiana Podcast

Purdue University's DIAL Ventures Launches Croft to Revolutionize Agribusiness and Labor Solutions

Get the scoop on Croft, Purdue's groundbreaking startup driving agribusiness advancements through digitization and streamlined H-2A visa processes.