August 7, 2023

Croft Featured on Agrinovus Indiana

In the latest episode of Agrinovus Business, hosted by Mitch Frazer, Scott, the CEO of an Indiana-based startup called Croft, shares his fascinating journey from Silicon Valley to the Midwest, detailing how his new venture is tackling the significant issue of labor shortage in farming. After graduating from Indiana University and working with various startups in California, Scott returned to his home state to continue his passion for launching new businesses.

Croft is dedicated to providing a streamlined solution to the labor management crisis in agriculture. The difficulty in securing labor has become one of the most pressing challenges for farmers, affecting every aspect of their business from growth to cost management. To combat this issue, Croft, backed by Purdue University's DIAL Ventures, has developed a software-as-a-service platform that simplifies the management of the federal foreign worker program, making it significantly easier for farms to recruit and collaborate with seasonal workers.

Scott emphasizes the importance of creating tech solutions that are simple, configurable, affordable, and beneficial to both farmers and workers, particularly when the target audience is late adopters. Notably, Croft's system increases compliance, which directly impacts a farm's ESG scores - a critical factor for suppliers selling through large retail markets.

The podcast also explores the rapidly evolving agtech scene in the Midwest and the importance of a collaborative environment for the acceleration of startups. As Croft expands, it plans to improve its services to optimize worker deployment based on the specific requirements of different crops.

The engaging discussion gives listeners a deep insight into how agtech is addressing complex challenges in agriculture, with a particular focus on labor. To learn more about Croft and their innovative solutions, visit their website. Be sure to tune into this insightful podcast episode!